What About The Millionaire Mind?

Often, I wondered what set millionaires apart from the rest of society. What do they have that I don’t? Was it luck, was it inherited or accumulated in a manner that did not serve the greater good? After all, externally we all appear similar, so what’s the difference? I asked myself what about the millionaire mind, could it be different?. The answer to this question is changing my life on a daily basis and if you take it seriously it will change your life too.

“What’s On Your Mind?”

All too often we fall into the trap of ‘watching the pennies’ and as we do this our focus is on lack rather than abundance. Yes, it can be difficult to think abundantly when our back is to the wall financially, so what do we do in this case? How do we become successful? Normally, most people complain, focus on the problems they have, talk about them and think about them constantly. Without realising they are sabotaging their chances of success.

Instead, we should focus on and talk about solutions only. Look at our problem as an opportunity to learn and grow. This will lead to more productivity which in turn will raise your spirits and when your in better spirits……you’re more productive. Everything we think, say and do, effect the outcome of our day. How we carry and present ourselves impacts us and those around us. Simple changes to our posture and internal dialogue can make all the difference.

Add A Smile To Your Day

Did you know that there are many health benefits to be had by smiling. Not only can a smile boost our mood when you’re feeling down, it has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, help build a stronger immune system, pain relief and of course, improve relationships. When you smile, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released which gives you that feel good effect. Haven’t you noticed people who smile a lot are simply fun to be around.

Smiling costs nothing and let’s be honest here, how many of you like being around someone who is constantly complaining and stressed? Wouldn’t you rather company that’s pleasant? I know I would. We spend much of our lives working so wouldn’t you rather work for a company that’s pleasant? When we work in harmony with our environment we are simply more productive. The next time your walking down the street smile as you walk, and notice, most people respond with a great big smile 🙂 If you want to attract more good into your experience you must send out that, that you wish to receive.

When we are happy we are on the path of the least resistance, we take things in our stride, our energy vibrates on a higher frequency and we attract more of the good stuff into our lives. And, we are more productive as a result.


Balancing your inner world is essential, at least if you wish to achieve lasting success. This is something that for years I ignored because, I was so caught up in ‘doing’, I forgot about being. Yes, we all want to be financially successful but don’t we also long to be happy and contented? After having to let go of a successful twenty-year building and plastering business due to ‘unexplained illness’ which I now believe was caused by stress, I began to look at ways to restore me back to my former healthy self. Let’s face it business can be stressful for the best of us, and meditation can help reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Meditation grounds us and helps us remain calm, clear, and focused on our goals. You don’t have to be a Shaolin or Tibetan monk to reap the benefits of meditation. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, there are many helpful guided meditations to get us started. With a little time and practice everyday you’ll begin to realize the benefit and you’ll look forward to your meditation time. Start with just a few minutes and build from there. Just like abs you won’t get a six-pack after five minutes, so go easy on yourself. If you want to be in charge of your mind instead of it controlling you, then this is for you. It’s also free.

A Thought, An Idea

All the inventions since time began originated first as a ‘thought’ an ‘idea’ in someone’s mind before it became a reality. Everything that is made by man originated in his/her mind first. Only then can it come to fruition.

Just like we can train our bodies to be fit and strong, we can train our mind to ‘think’ what ever we want it to. Just think about this for a moment – we can ‘think’ whatever we want to ‘ think’. Our thoughts fuel what we feel about ourselves and what we feel will project out toward the world around us. Remember, you get back what you send out so fill your mind with good intentions, do this for thirty days and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your world will change for the better.

Napoleon Hill devoted 25 years of his life to studying 500 of the richest men that ever lived. In his book ‘Think And Grow Rich’, Napoleon concludes that “a man becomes what he thinks about, all day long”. Starting your day with positive, empowering thoughts will ultimately lead to more success in your day. Mornings were never my favorite part of the day so to help me with this I write down words or quotes and stick them on the mirror, fridge door, computer or somewhere I frequently look to remind me. Simple I know, but effective. Helps focus my thoughts on that I wish to achieve. Where focus goes, energy flows.


Become grateful for the things you already have in life. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy thinking thoughts that don’t move the needle for you. We get so caught up in with the problems we have we forget to be grateful. Write a gratitude list, and as you write you will open up the door to more things to be grateful for, more reasons to smile.

Remember, if you wish to attract success you must think, act and feel as though you already have it. Refuse to think anything other than positively, compose yourself, smile and the universe will respond accordingly.

These ‘tips’ may sound simple but practiced regularly have the power to change your world and the world of those around you.



Thank you for taking the time to read this post, ‘What About The Millionare Mind?’, we appreciate it :). If you have any thoughts or experiences relating to this post, we would love to hear them. You are on this page because you are searching for something more, something better than you currently possess. This is normal. It’s human nature to want ‘more’, we just need to go after our dreams in a way that benefits everyone. Climbing to the top is easier when we help each other.

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