The Benefits Of Solfeggio Frequencies

Hi. Below, I shall list some Benefits Of Solfeggio Frequencies, which have the power to heal. They are also considered ‘miracle tones’. Without a doubt these tones have played a huge part in my recovery from CFS/FM. I still use them on a daily basis to reduce stress and to help maintain balance. They are a big part of my life today, and I have no plans to stop.

Back in the summer of 2017, while searching for ways to recover naturally from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I started practicing meditations on YouTube. Having been interested in martial arts for years I was open to the idea, and there are many meditations to choose from. I found the meditations accompanied by Solfeggio Frequencies were of most benefit.


Food For Thought

Haven’t you noticed how different kinds of music make us feel happy, sad, glad or mad? Different songs evoke and enhance different emotions. People crying in the audience during an opera performance is rarely due to the lyrics; it’s the frequency being sang shifting trapped, negative emotion.

At first, when I started listening to 432hz (the earths/natures frequency), I cried, and cried daily for months. Arguably the lowest time in my life, and I didn’t understand what was happening. But, strangely, despite my sobbing, I felt a little better each passing day.

 Where To Start

There’s so much “stuff on the net these days it can be hard to know whats what.

Check out my review of this book on Amazon by Eileen Day McKusick. A detailed guide to sound therapy healing, freeing you of past trauma and negative emotion so you can live life to the full.


What Are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Simply put, they are specific sound waves or vibrations. Everything from rock to plant to human vibrates. For example, the sound vibration (buzzing) of a bee is 528hz, which is the same vibration as our beating heart. When our vibration is low we are more prone to sickness, both physical, emotional and mental.

When we are stressed, anxious or, depressed, we offset the balance in our system; we lower our vibration. The same is true when we eat foods we should avoid. Yes, everything from our thoughts to the environment has an impact on our vibration. Daily meditation with Solfeggio Frequencies can assist you in maintaining balance in your mind.


9 Solfeggio Frequencies And Their Benefits

When practiced regularly with meditation these sacred tones have countless benefits, such as:

174hz – Helps us relieve stress and pain.285hz – Helps the body repair any damaged cells.

396hz – Rids us of guilt and fear.

417hz – Clears away past trauma and negative emotions trapped in our bodies, and environment.

528hz – Repairs DNA, brings clarity of the mind and a deep sense of inner peace.

639hz – Improves personal relationships by enhancing communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

741hz – Eliminates built up toxins in our bodies and cleanses infections.

852hz – Calm our overthinking minds and awakens inner strength and self realization.

963hz – Brings a state of connectedness/oneness with all living things, and with self.

This may sound too good to be true but, these tones have been used for thousands of years to heal and enlighten.



Nikola Tesla said “ If you wish to understand the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Given the many ”scientifically proven” benefits of solfeggio frequencies it baffles me to understand why they are not played in hospitals or schools. Aside physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, Solfeggio Frequencies help us study and learn by improving concentration and focus. They should be a part of our everyday life.

Learn more about Solfeggio Frequencies in my review.

Important note: To get the most from sound therapy and Solfeggio Frequencies, I recommend using quality headphones when listening to audios.

I wish you well on your journey toward optimum health. If you have any questions relating to this post please leave them in the comment box below and we will respond asap. Thank you for reading, have a great day.


The Warmest Regards,



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