Does CBD Oil Help With Chronic Fatigue? – 5 Benefits

Does CBD Oil help with chronic fatigue? Well it certainly helped me. While there are many, in this post I shall share 5 benefits, to be had from using CBD/Hemp Oil. Many people today still look at CBD (cannabidiol) as a drug yet to be fully tested therefore is unsafe to use. My question is “why”? CBD is a natural product that has been used safely for thousands of years.

Please note: In this blog I refer only to non psychoactive CBD oil ( less than 0.5% THC).

Nature V’s Medicine


Whilst the onset of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia was gradual, it certainly didn’t seem that way to me at the time. It was as though I woke one morning and everything hurt. All my joints and muscles ached, and I couldn’t focus on, or follow through on any one thought. My only thoughts at that time were how sore and tired I felt, and the fact that although I was on prescribed meds did little or nothing for my condition. This, in turn, added to my stress and anxiety. Scary, to say the least.

Without a doubt modern medicine has it’s place in society and has made marvellous progress over the last century but, can it ever compare to Mother Nature? Having gone the medical route and followed the advice of doctors my condition worsened. Initially, anti-depressants and adderall helped my mood and energy improve, but I needed more as time went on. I was faced with a dilemma. My then current path was not sustainable and something was gonna have to give, but what? Could an answer be found in nature?

The Search For A Natural Alternative

With the help of family we began to search for natural alternatives that could assist in recovery from CFS/FM, something that didn’t involve chemicals. The first area I discovered that needed change was my diet. Sounds simple but, the foods I was eating contributed to how I felt both physically and mentally and some changes had to be made.

Although I had made changes to my diet and my energy improved slightly, I was still suffering stress, anxiety and depression. My thoughts were focused on the things that were ‘wrong’ in my life. In an attempt to manage my negative thoughts I attended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and also tried to meditate. But my head was too full to make sense of anything I was told, and I began to despair yet again.

One day whilst searching for answers CBD oil came to my attention. I wondered could it be possible that this was the missing link, the link that could slow my racing head enough to make sense of what the therapist was saying to me. Because of all the controversy surrounding CBD oil a deeper look was taken before making a decision.

My Findings

From what I can see marijuana/hemp oil was made illegal for political reasons, but I’m not gonna get caught up in political or medical controversy here today, or any other day. All I know is I trust in nature and that products containing CBD oil (hemp seed oil) helped change my life for the better, without side effects. Addiction was not an issue for me. In fact, as therapy progressed, and I began to manage lifes challenges better, the need for CBD oil reduced.

The very first thing I noticed was my anxiety levels had greatly decreased, I was better able to keep my thoughts in the moment and follow the guidance of a therapist. In his book “Your Symptoms Are Real” (review coming soon), Dr. Benjamin H. Natelson Implies the utmost importance of managing our stress and anxiety levels to give yourself the best chance of recovery from any sort of chronic illness.

Extra Support

It is important to note all of us experience stress on a daily basis and that there are plenty of natural ways to manage this.  Take a mindful break, practice some yoga and meditation, eat well and hydrate. If symptoms still persist maybe you need some extra support, like the guidance of a professional. In most cases a few sessions suffice but, in my case, CBD oil was needed, and it worked extremely well. I mainly use jellies containing hemp seed oil because of taste and convienience.

5 Benefits Of CBD Oil

1. Reduce Stress

2. Reduce Anxiety

3. Pain Relief by reducing inflammation

4. Reduce Depression

5. Heart Health

These are but 5 of the benefits to be had from using CBD oil.



CBD oil calms the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. When our emotional state is in balance we simply have more energy to do the things we love. Haven’t you noticed how much more productive we are when you’re happy?

Fact: There are CBD receptors throughout our nervous system. Yes, our bodies are designed for the consumption of Cannabinoids (CBD)

Note: A review of the best CBD products (made from hemp seed oil) is coming soon. For now, I thank you for reading ‘Does CBD Oil Help With Chronic Fatigue’, and I hope it was of benefit to you.

The Warmest Regards,


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