Success For Life

Many of us go about our daily routine without really paying attention to how or why we do what we do. Yeah sure we put in the hours every day, but is it enough? Are we happy with our progress or do we always fall short? If you wish to create “success for life” you

A Vision For Business

Having a vision for the way you want life to unfold is important but, having ‘a vision for business’ is critical for long term success. A business without a goal or direction is like a car without steering or brakes, bound to crash. Society today is evolving at such a pace we really need to

What About The Millionaire Mind?

Often, I wondered what set millionaires apart from the rest of society. What do they have that I don’t? Was it luck, was it inherited or accumulated in a manner that did not serve the greater good? After all, externally we all appear similar, so what’s the difference? I asked myself what about the millionaire
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