ASD And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Part 2

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Hello, and welcome to part 2 of ASD and chronic fatigue syndrome. Last week I shared the very first steps that kick started my journey toward recovery from this debilitating and invisible illness. Getting more sunshine, listening to happy music and smoothie making definitely gets the ball rolling in the right direction for us. So,

ASD And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi. On January last, in a previous post, I suggested there was a link between ASD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Today, I am convinced. Throughout my life I always felt ‘different’ from those around me and at the age of 49 I discovered why. Due to autism spectrum disorder I saw life through a different

Solfeggio Frequency Music – Resources And Book Review

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Solfeggio Frequency Music is becoming more and more popular today as people search for natural ways to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Over the past few years I have encountered many resources to help me on my journey toward living in an energetic and stress free state, and in this blog I shall share

The Benefits Of Solfeggio Frequencies

Hi. Below, I shall list some Benefits Of Solfeggio Frequencies, which have the power to heal. They are also considered ‘miracle tones’. Without a doubt these tones have played a huge part in my recovery from CFS/FM. I still use them on a daily basis to reduce stress and to help maintain balance. They are

An Honest NutriBullet RX – Review

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The NutriBullet RX is at the top of my list when it comes to blenders. In July 2017, a little over three years ago, we purchased our NutriBullet RX blender and it’s still going strong. This blender has made smoothies every day since, sometimes twice. The best thing is you can also make perfect soup

An Honest Review Of Bose On Ear Wireless Headphones

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After two plus years of daily use, I can give you an honest review of Bose on ear wireless headphones. Technology has never been my area of expertise so, a few years ago, when I was looking into sound therapy to assist my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I asked my son to

Success For Life

Many of us go about our daily routine without really paying attention to how or why we do what we do. Yeah sure we put in the hours every day, but is it enough? Are we happy with our progress or do we always fall short? If you wish to create “success for life” you

List Of Therapeutic Approaches

A quick note before I move on to my list of therapeutic approaches. There are times when things can get too difficult to handle, we become overwhelmed and life suddenly becomes impossible to navigate or, so it would seem. There is no shame in this, our lives are full of stressors, demands, pressures and distractions.
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