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The NutriBullet RX is at the top of my list when it comes to blenders. In July 2017, a little over three years ago, we purchased our NutriBullet RX blender and it’s still going strong. This blender has made smoothies every day since, sometimes twice. The best thing is you can also make perfect soup for those cold days when your body needs warming up. Within minutes, you can have a real healthy, tasty meal ready with little preparation or fuss. Purchasing the correct blender for your needs is essential. There are so many it can be difficult to choose one over another.

The very first blender we brought home, in 2016 was too small (0.6 liter or, 20oz) and couldn’t crush ice or, frozen fruit and veg. Keeping your smoothies cool not only tastes better but, helps keep all enzymes and nutrients intact. Enzymes are vital for faster digestion, muscle growth and destroying toxins, and many of these enzymes are destroyed when food is cooked. Also, with such a small jug (0.6l) the blender was going four and five times per day and was burned out in a few months.

Thus began my search for a top quality blender to suit ALL the families needs.


NutriBullet RX Blender (found on Amazon)

Although there are many blenders on the market, the NutriBullet RX blender is my first choice. Due to its powerful 1700 watt, 2.3 horse power motor the NB RX blender can blend frozen fruit, veg and ice at the touch of a button, effortlessly. The design of the blades and mixing container allow for perfectly blended smoothies, and soups, every time. Another great point is the generous 1.7 liter (58oz) container which cuts out a lot of the work making several smoothies per day.

NutriBullet also have recipe books, that show you which ingredients to use that best suits your needs. For example: If you wish to detox, there are many tasty detox recipes. If you wish to improve your heart health, or immune system, there are recipes to get the ball rolling. But, always consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet.

Note: The NutriBullet recipe book – free on kindle, and less than £5 paperback.


Robust Smart Technology

The NutriBullet RX has been pre-programmed and has only one speed which cleverly starts, slows and stops, at the right intervals, creating perfect smoothies every time. Having a built in, automatic speed controller takes the hassle out of smoothie making and leaves less room for technical faults with your blender.

And, if it’s soup you want, all you have to do is press and hold the big ‘G’ button on the front for two seconds, and then, wait seven minutes for your delicious soup. One thing to watch for when making soup with the NB RX is, some vegetables may need to be lightly cooked first, before you add them to the RX container. Personally, I like convenience, so I avoid using veg that needs to be precooked when using the NB RX.

The soup container is also BPA (bisphenal A – toxic chemical) free which makes it safe to use when heated.


Product Description

The pre-programmed, hands free smart technology is free from complicated settings.

With it’s ‘High Torque Power Base’ -The NutriBullet RX has a powerful 2.3 horsepower, 1700 watt motor, which effortlessly blends smoothies, soups and sauces to perfection, every time… Other features include:

  • Extractor Blade
  • Short Cup (352 ml) – All containers are BPA free.
  • Handled Oversized Cup (1278 ml)
  • Pitcher Lid
  • 1L SouperBlast Pitcher with Lid – Used in Souperblast mode, for fresh, piping hot, nutrient-rich soups and sauces with the touch of a button
  • Stay Fresh Lid
  • Comfort Lip Ring
  • Blade Remover – For convenient cleaning.
  • User Manual with Recipes
  • Hardback Recipe Book – For all your nutritional needs.


Customer Reviews and ratings

Out of 2,427 United States customer ratings available on Amazon, the NutriBullet RX has scored an admirable 4.6 out of 5 stars, which doesn’t surprise me, and 79% of those were 5 out of 5 stars. Possibly the only thing that stops me from giving this blender full marks is the noise level, yes, it’s pretty loud in my opinion. Most marks are lost because of how loud it is, but, I don’t know of a blender on the market that isn’t ‘loud’.


While there may be many blenders on the market today, the NutriBullet RX has, and continues to, satisfy all our families nutritional needs on a daily basis. An ‘all in one’ product, that helped get me back on my feet to the land of the living. Without hesitation, I would recommend this blender to my closest friends (and have done).

NutriBullet have a range of blenders, and from the reviews I’ve read are all top class when it comes to smoothie making. My parents have the NutriBullet 600 series, which suits their needs, and I’m sure there’s a NutriBullet to suit your needs too 🙂


The Warmest Regards,


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