A Vision For Business

Having a vision for the way you want life to unfold is important but, having ‘a vision for business’ is critical for long term success. A business without a goal or direction is like a car without steering or brakes, bound to crash. Society today is evolving at such a pace we really need to know where we’re headed or we’ll soon get lost. How do we avoid this?, we create a vision.


A Vision

This is a simple yet very effective tool for the entrepreneur (or anyone for that matter) that, when practiced regularly will influence your outcomes for the better. All the greatest men and women that ever lived had visions. You see creating a crystal clear picture of what they wanted in their minds first, gave them direction and focus.

Look at it this way, would you get into your car and start driving without knowing where your going? I think not. The same is true for business, we must be clear where we are headed before we set out so that we know which direction to take. So how do we go about creating our vision? This fun, yet very powerful exercise can and will transform your life if you take it seriously and practice it regularly.

You’re mind will become clear and laser focused on what you actually want for your life. You will cut out all the other ‘stuff’ that slows you down and stops you from becoming successful.


Creating Your Own Vision

So to begin you will need pen and paper to write down your goals. What do you want your life to look like one year from now? Write down the details. Where do you live, what country or town? What does your house look like? What’s the view like, do you see mountains, beaches, or city lights? What car is parked in your driveway? Don’t limit your vision, get creative, dreaming is free.

Who are the people in your life and what are your relationships like? Personally, I like to picture the whole family relaxing having fun on the beach, the sun shining and a care free mind. You also need to get a clear image in your head of the person you wish to become. How do you carry yourself? How do you speak? Are you confident, calm and assertive and how do others respond to the “new you”.

Once you get a clear image of how you wish things to be twelve months from now you need to get into feeling as though you already have it, but how? Putting emotion behind your thoughts makes all the difference.  Motion changes emotion.

The best time is first thing in the morning. Immediately on waking, try not to press snooze, just get up and go for a walk, a cycle or maybe some yoga, all the while focusing on what you want from that day. See it as already done. Keep an attitude of gratitude.

This gets you in the zone and then, find a quite place to meditate, a place where you will not be disturbed for five to ten minutes, or however long you wish.  Initially, to help get started you can read through your notes to embed the image of the life you wish to live twelve months from now. Again, see it as already done.



At first it will seem like an almost impossible task but, persevere, like anything new it takes time to get the hang of it. It’s a little like day dreaming, only guided. Remember back in the early years of school when we were corrected for day dreaming?, well this was counter productive to say the least. Everything man made that exists today was first created in the mind of someone pondering, wondering, imagining.

Take Albert Einstein for example, he had one of the greatest minds that ever lived. He would visualise possible solutions to his problems/questions for hours on end. A ‘day-dreamer’ who developed a dislike to what he called “mechanical learning”, missed many classes and was told he would never amount to anything. How wrong were they?

Instead of being frowned upon and treated as a lack of interest and focus, personally, I think children should be encouraged to use their imagination as part of learning in schools. Not surprisingly, ‘creative learning schools’ are becoming more popular these days  as people begin to see the benefits of engaging our imagination as we learn.

”I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein.


Natural instinct

We have access to the most powerful tool on planet earth, our minds, it’s just we were never encouraged to use them entirely. Essentially, we trained ourselves to go against our natural instinct by learning not to day-dream. Realising and putting into action your ability to visualise will determine your level of success. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start writing…….create your vision for business.

It’s a year later and your life has turned out the way you “imagined”. What’s it like? Make this as detailed as possible, include colours, scents, absolutely everything you can think of. At first your brain will tell you things like its “not possible”, or, “I cant”, so during this exercise I urge you to replace those thoughts with empowering thoughts such as “yes, it is possible” and  “yes, I can do it”. Remember, the mind is a tool to be used by us, and not the other way around. What we focus on is what we’ll get and the good news is we can choose what to focus on.



Thank you for taking the time to read this post, ‘A Vision For Business’, we appreciate it :). If you have any thoughts or experiences relating to this post ‘A Vision For Business’, we would love to hear them.

You are on this page because you are searching for something more, something better than you currently possess. This is normal. It’s human nature to want ‘more’, we just need to go after our dreams in a way that benefits everyone. Climbing to the top is easier when we help each other.

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