Focus On Your Family

It’s All About Family Today I want to pay tribute to all the Moms and Dads at home with their Children since the outbreak of Covid-19. A time where you have the opportunity to focus on your family. Speaking from personal experience, being at home with the children certainly isn’t easy! You work harder and

A Vision For Business

Having a vision for the way you want life to unfold is important but, having ‘a vision for business’ is critical for long term success. A business without a goal or direction is like a car without steering or brakes, bound to crash. Society today is evolving at such a pace we really need to

What About The Millionaire Mind?

Often, I wondered what set millionaires apart from the rest of society. What do they have that I don’t? Was it luck, was it inherited or accumulated in a manner that did not serve the greater good? After all, externally we all appear similar, so what’s the difference? I asked myself what about the millionaire
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